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Other characters
Raichu's gym

Here are some other character's who appear frequently



Gary is Professor Oak's grandson. He and Ash are rivals and he is determand to beat Ash. Gary is a spoiled brat and thinks he is the best. But really he just got lucky. That doesn't mean that he's a bad trainer it just means that he's a loser.

Professer Oak

Professor Oak

Professor Oak is a pokemon expert. He's devoted his life to pokemon and has a really big pokemon research centre in Pallet town. Unlike his grandson Gary, Professor Oak is really kind.

Team Rocket

Team Rocket

The member's of team rocket are Jessie, James and Meowth. Jessie is sort of the leader of the group. She is very mean and would do anything nasty. James is the weaker one. He is alway's chickening out. He came from a rich family and sometimes he wishes he were back. Meowth is a talking Meowth. He is the mastermind of the group. He would love to get rich or be very happy.

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy

Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny is a police officer. She protects cities from danger and doesn't like law breaker's. The only wiered thing is Officer Jenny's are everywhere! all the Jenny's are relatives and all of them look exactly alike!! Now that's what I call wiered. Officer Jenny's pokemon are Growlithe and Gastly. Nurse Joy run's the pokemon centre. She cares and treat's all pokemon. Like Jenny, all her relatives look exactly alike. Nurse Joy's pokemon are Chansey's.

Nurse Joy