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The love article

Hey, haven't you ever notice that a lot of people in the tv show pokemon seem to have crushes on each other? Well the most popular of them all are Misty and Ash liking each other. Well some people believe it, I do because they always give each other hint's (Misty gives more hint's than Ash) Well, for one thing Misty always hangs on Ash's arm whenever she gets scared. And another, they always fight. Tracey made up a good point in one of the episodes. (I forgot which one) It was one about 2 Nidoran's. Tracey said that Ash and Misty were like an old couple or something. Well anyways, you can tell that they will hook up for a little while, then they'll bite each other's heads off!

I'll bet everyone that they've heared of Brock's infatuation with Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. Not to mention all other pretty girls. Some people don't get why Brock has this crush on everybody. (Obviously not on boys!) I guess that the writer's wanted the show to be funny in some sort of way. Every single time Ash, Misty and Brock set foot in a city and see either Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy, Brock goes crazy with this goofy love struck face with giant heart eyes. He can also tell which Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy come from. Although Brock isn't the only one with Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy sindrom, Tracey is also like that! In one of the pokemon episodes, Tracy sketched a picture of the first Orange league trainer Ash beat. He also sketched one of Officer Jenny lassoing a pink Nidoking, and the traveling Nurse Joy. Just goes to show you that Brock isn't as crazy as he seems and that there are duplicates of him!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! help!

"Prepare for trouble!" Team rocket has a to be couple. (Ohh la la) It's Jessie and James of Team Rocket! Bad guys can have crushes too you know. You don't believe me? well here's some proof from the show. You know how Jessie and James always fight? Well, Ash and Misty are exactly the same. They also alway's hug each other whenever thier in trouble. They share in their glory and pain, say their motto together and don't leave any part for Meowth except for "Meowth that's right!" Jessie seems to hate James most of the time but, really she has a soft spot for him (hard to believe)Well there you have it, some proof that Jessie and James like each other in some way. There probably is more proof in the new shows so just wait some more for those new shows.

This topic is making me crazy! Love? and Pokemon? totally wiered!